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Born in 1971 in Gunma in Japan, Akiko Hoshina graduated in 1996 with a Master of Fine Arts at JOSHIBI University Art and Design. She resided at the Cité internationale des Arts in Paris in 2008 and in 2010 at the Museum of Ceramics in Lezoux. In 2012 she received a grant from the Japanese Government, program of studies for promising artists. Akiko has participated in many exhibitions including the International Biennials of Ceramics of Chateauroux, "19th DOMANI"  at the National Art Center of Tokyo in 2017, " Peaux" at APONIA Contemporary Art Center in Villiers sur Marne in 2018, Showcase Gallery at the Yokohama Civic Art Gallery in Azamino in 2019. Akiko explores the ability of ceramics to reveal the delicate and invisible notion, time, memory and minds. She lives and works today in a village in the Pyrénées in France.


Born in Gumma, Japan. Lives and works in Gouaux , Hautes Pyrénées, France


1994-96   MFA in fine arts, JOSHIBI University Art and Design, Kanagawa, Japon

1990-94   BAF in fine arts, JOSHIBI University Art and Design, Kanagawa, Japon


2015-16     Residence in Nursery school Rosenberg, Montreuil, France

2011          Residence in Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris

2010          Residence in  The Lezoux Ceramic prefectural Museum, Puy-de-Dôme, France

2008-09     Residence in Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris


2011-12     Government Grants, the Ministry of Art Culture of Japan

2009          The Asahi Shinbun foundation for the solo exhibition “ Livres d’argile "

2007          Joshibi Paris Award from Omura Fumiko Foundation of Joshibi University Art et Design

1993          Special Award Prix,“ SUMITOMO ONE ”, students exhibition, Tokyo


2019      Show cace Gallery | Yokohama Civic Gallery AZAMINO | Yokohama, Japan

2016      CAGO PAPAPA! - restitution of the artist residency project at the Rosenberg kindergarten  | 116 Montreuil City Contemporaty arts center  | Montreuil

2014      Liturgies d'argile  curator Géraldine Defournet  | Gallery Saint-Séverin | Paris

2013      Appartement  - Installation in my appartement   | Paris

2010      Courants d’argile | The Lezoux Ceramic prefectural Museum | France

2009      Des funérailles  | Joshibi Ginza Gallery | Tokyo

              Livres d’argile | Bookshop le Bleu Fouillis des Mots | Châteauroux , France

              GORONS en voyage - Des funérailles | Cité Internationale des Arts | Paris

2007      GURU GURU MAKI project | l'association Voin Pahoin | Yokohama, Japan

2006      GURU GURU MAKI project  -  artistes in residency project | BankART studioNYK | Yokohama, Japan

2005      TE (hands) | Gallery Gen | Tokyo

2004      OHANAMI-GORON | Ichigyoin Temple's garden | Tokyo

2003      GORON-GORON-GORON | Gallery Gen | Tokyo



2020      Ecrutures Artistiques "Entre-deux" | Halle de Vielle Aure, Salle de Saint-EyVielle Aure, Arreau, France

2019      Invisible Infinity | Gallery Yoshii | Paris

              Souvenirs au fil de l'eau | Installation and performance with Aïcha Ayoub | old laundries and Maison Marguerite, Gouaux, France 

              Future Mthology Diaries |  Galllery Cité internationale des Arts | Paris

2018      Peaux |curator François Michaud, Contemporaty Art center APONIA | Villier sur Marne, France

              Goron-goron-goron |village hall Gouaux |France

2017      SAISEIMA - ceramic Installation and performance with Ayako Watanabe and Ayel Romos | Atelier Gokko in Montreuil / Cabanes Chazottes Architectes in Paris

2016-17 19th Domani / The Art of Tomorrow | The National Art Center | Tokyo

2016       Marelle116 Montreuil city contemporary arts center | Montreuil, France

               Avec Et SanS'Tresses | Musée de Bourgoin | France

               SØLV | Gold-Smidt Assembly | Londores

2015         Voyage dans le sens | Maison du Japon in Cité invernationale universitaire de Paris | France

                  3 regards sur la céramique contemporaine | 116 Montreuil city contemporary arts center | Montreuil, France

                   MIRAI HE TSUNAGU - the 100th anniversary exhibition of Joshibi High School of Arts and design | The Ueno Royal Museum | Tokyo

                    New collections  | Joshibi Art Museum of Joshibi University art and design | Kanagawa, Japon

2014       Tresses 13 14  | curator Yves Sabourin | La Maison des tresses et lacets | Le Moulin Pinte, France

                     La Mercerie Chic-Tresses 13 14  | curator Yves Sabourin | Made in Town | Paris

                    Intériorité | Gallery Maria Lund | Paris

                    Accrochage 5  | Gallery Maria Lund | Paris

2013       12 x 12Gallery Maria Lund | Paris

                    Tresses 13  | curator Yves Sabourin | La Maison des tresses et lacets | Le Moulin Pinte, France

               17th International Ceramic Biennial | Châteauroux museum | Châteauroux, France

                    Terres- within the context of “Nouvelles Vagues” organized by Palais de Tokyo, curator Margaux Brugvin | Gallery Maria Lund | Paris

2011       Introduction | Valentine de Badereau Gallery | St Barthelemy

                    Art Pop up Store | curator Géraldine Dufournet | Gallery Nuke | Paris

                    Choix de Paris | curator Elsy Lahner | Cité Internationale des Arts Gallery | Paris

                    16th International Ceramic Biennial | curator Yves Sabourin | Châteauroux museum | Châteauroux

               Cosmogarden7 - La ruche d'or de l'invisible | curator Kana Sunayama | Château de Fère | France

                    Plastic artists in Puy-de-Dôme 2011 | Conseil Général du Puy-de-Dôme | Clermont-Ferrand, France

2010       Vivre et créer à Paris | Joshibi Art Museum of Joshibi University art and design | Kanagawa Japan

2009       No Man’s Land | curator Hélène Kelmachter | Embassy of France in Japan | Tokyo

                    15th International Ceramic Biennial | curator Yves Sabourin | Châteauroux museum | Châteauroux, France

                    Pol / A | Curator Label hypothèse | Gallery Nivet-Carzon | Paris

2007       ART LOOP | The Hakone Open-Air Museum | Japan

2005       LOVE ART 2005 | produced by Yoko Arakawa Office | Promo-Arte Gallery | Aoyama,Tokyo

2003       LOVE ART 2003 | produced by Yoko Arakawa Office | Promo-Arte Gallery | Aoyama, Tokyo

2000       Art festival Shomyoji (shomyou’s temple) | Kanazawabunko, Yokohama, Tokyo

1999       IMAGINART - Ito Atelier | Ginza Matsuya | Tokyo

                    Window’s exhibition | Hachijyuni Bank | Hachioji,Tokyo

1997       World Triennial Exhibition of Small Ceramics | Zagreb, Croatia

1995       Hiroshima International Exhibition of Art colleges Hiroshima'95 | Hiroshima, Japan

1994       DAICHI WO HAKU | Muramatsu Gallery | Ginza, Tokyo 


2015      Tissu Dentelle | Montreuil City, France

2011      Combinaison- Des Funérailles | Joshibi Art Museum of Joshibi University art and design | Kanagawa, Japan

2010      Courants d’argile | The Lezoux Ceramic prefectural Museum | France

2002      GORON-GORON-GORON -The Forest Of Magician’s clay | Acquisition in 2002 | Art Park of Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

1997      NAGACHOU-appartement | ceramic Works for Nagacho Apartment | Acquisition in 1997 | Ibaraki prefecture, Japan

1994      TSUNAGU | Art museum of Joshibi University Art and Design | Kanagawa, Japan


2019      KIMOCHI NO KATACHI |  High schoolMaréchal Foch |  Arreau, France

              Atelier d'argile | Arreau Nursery school | Arreau, France

2017      Sensitization discovery of the material | 11 Nurserys schools in Montrreuil City 

2015       Fairy prints | 116 Montreuil city contemporary arts center | Montreuil, France 

2013       Creator's garden | organize by Montreuil City | Montreuil, France

2010       Balloon of dream | The Lezoux Ceramic prefectural Museum | France
   KODOMOTACHI @ No Man’s Land
| Embassy of France in Japan | Tokyo

2009        GURU GURU MAKI workshop | Espace Jeunes(city institution) | Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

2008        GURU GURU MAKI workshop | Nationa Ceramic Museum Sèvres | France

2007        Hands in hands, Hands of cray | Sakuradai elementary school | organized by Board of Education of Sagamihara City and NPO SP Spot | Kanagawa Japan

                     GURU GURU MAKI workshop in ART LOOP  | The Hakone Open-Air Museum |  Japan
        GURU GURU MAKI workshop
|  BankART StudioNYK |  Yokohama, Japon



12.2016  DOMANI The art of tomorrow | The Agency for Cultural Affaires, Japan and Art Venture Office Shou

7.2013   Tresses 13Editions lyric 21 and nonpareilles

6.2013   Terres
Gallery Maria Lund

6.2013   Ecrits, Mythes et Légendes,17ème Biennale Internationale de la Céramique Châteauroux museum

6.2011   Elever la matière, 16ème Biennale Internationale de la Céramique |   Châteauroux museum

6.2010   Courant d’argileThe Lezoux Ceramic Préfectural Museum and Akiko HOSHINA

6.2009   Anima-Animal, 15ème Biennale Internationale de la CéramiqueChâteauroux museum

9.2007   Shigeo Anzai  1870-2006 |  The National Arts Center Tokyo


11.2012  Les gestes de la céramique, Ann Hindry, La céramique au-delà de la céramique Art presse 2 Trimestriel N° 31

10.2010  Musée départemental de la Céramique Beaux-arts Magazine


7.2013   Des Céramique culottées DOMINIQUE POIRET Libération Next 

3.2010   Simple, poésie et élégance Floencer Néel-Farina La montagne

7.2010   Dialogue intemoprel au musée de la céramique La montagne

6.2010   Akiko Hoshina, de Tokyo à Lezoux Gazete


6.2016   C, Céramiques Japonaises Contemporaines |Sophie Cavaliéro, Valérie Douniaux | iKi éditions

3.2012   Nouvel art contemporain japonais Caroline Ha Thuc Nouvelles éditions SCALA